Magical weddings



Greece is one of the most magical spots that blends weathered white architecture with the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and this inspiration is a direct reflection of its surroundings. Designed by Mazi Event, this intimate elopement pulls from the colors of the ocean, and folds in elegant details for a look both easy and glamorous. Captured by Anna Roussos, get inspired by the true beauty of the Grecian landscape and this intimate wedding by the sea.





From the planner… Starting to draw the canvas for an inspirational photo shoot in such a regal destination, Spetses, was a creative spring time journey. This intimate elopement had an aery style, a mix of vintage and contemporary elements, with a feel of earthy opulence. Inspired by the natural aura of Spetses we created a color palette composed of grey, clean white and dusty green hues. Our conceptual mood board, was based on one of the Circles of Life: That of marriage. Beginning and completion, wholeness, diversity, fertility, regeneration, strength and balance are essential for a couple to endure the test of time, to flourish and relish the greatest gift given to them: their love. All preparations were made in the historic Poseidonion Grand Hotel with the highest standards. Inspired by the power of the circle we created the invites, envelopes, a map, menus, flower arrangements, even treats for the guests and the wedding cake, to accentuate the strength of this perfect form of nature with no start, no end and no imperfections. The Seed of Life mandala pattern -the universal symbol of creation- applied in selected details with respects to the concept, made everything come together. A traditional horse carriage drove the couple to the beach where everything was ready for an ethereal wedding. The couple barefoot, equal and united, whispered their meaningful vows under the tones of the violin. The beachfront family table was already set up for an intimate dinner. All the decorative details radiated a royal beauty with al fresco flower arrangements composed with greeneries and white flowers, calligraphy menus with sealing wax on water colored handmade papers, marble sous-plats, tasteful silver cutlery and glassware. Silk wedding favors with silver calligraphy engraved details were personalized for each guest. We were so content to work with such a talented team of professionals for this, our debut project, and see our vision come to life. Anna Roussos captured every detail with the most creative eye. Enjoy!



Dealing with unwanted paper artwork by shredding it!

What to do with your art if you no longer wish to keep it, or just have too much of it and want to dispose of it?  What if someone wishes to claim your artwork as their copyright but you’d rather they didn’t have it?

One solution is to give it away.  Perhaps a relative or a friend.  Or take it to a charity shop in order for the art to be sold for a good cause.

If that’s not likely to work for you, and you wish to permanently remove all traces of the work including the paper, you may wish to buy a personal shredder you can use to shred the paper yourself.  In literally just a few minutes, you’ve gone from art to shredded paper which can be used for :

  • pet bedding
  • packaging
  • stuffing for craft projects
  • kindling / firelighters
  • new art materials

It may seem a little extreme to do this but if you really want to destroy your paperwork, the best thing to do is shred it!  Ideally with a heavy duty cross cut shredder, which will be much less likely to jam, especially with canvas.

Tricks On How To Get Good Quality Jewelry (2)

Tricks On Ways to Obtain High quality Fashion jewelry

If you are looking to purchase a present of jewelry for a good friend or relative, recognizing their tastes assists a lot. Recognizing just what stores they such as aids also. However if you don’t have any kind of idea where to start, think about the complying with pointers that can aid you pick out the ideal item.

Although some people utilize tooth paste to wash their gold, silver or gems, jewelry experts do not recommend this method. The abrasives in tooth paste can damage the area of precious metals and also gems. To recover the precious jewelry back to its original, unscratched condition will necessary buffing and also refinishing by a specialist great jewelry expert.

If you are taking a ruby for an independent assessment and also your jeweler requests a deposit, make sure the deposit is refundable. You ought to get something in creating explaining the amount of the deposit which it could be fully reimbursed at your request. Depending on the results of the assessment, you could desire the option to get your money back and also go to another jewelry expert.

Quality classic precious jewelry can be a fantastic addition to your device outfit. Since many older pieces are designed to be timeless in vogue they agree with for modern wear. Pearls, chains as well as go down lockets all are traditional look and feels that never ever go out of design. So, go ahead as well as enjoy including classic pieces to boost the variety and worth of your compilation.

When thinking about precious jewelry for your wedding event, be sure that you consider the alternative of leasing the fashion jewelry on your own and/or your whole wedding celebration event. This is essential due to the fact that you can conserve a great deal of money as well as nobody present will know in either case. It is just essential that you look your best.

Deep, abundant blue sapphires are typically referred to as the birthstone for those birthed in September. Their dark, mystical coloring is often believed to have safety powers over any person that wears the treasure in their rings, bracelets, or brooches. Blue sapphire nicely goes well with purples and also deep scarlet tones and looks lovely with all settings, however especially platinum or silver.

A fantastic suggestion that can avoid you from shedding your precious jewelry is to get certain you remove your jewelry before you falling asleep. Falling asleep with your precious jewelry on is a proven means to lose it. Precious jewelry will generally simply obtain shed in the sheets.

When getting gold, be sure that your receipt is plainly noted with the karat weight, as well as the maker. These are things you need to recognize in case you later on want to evaluate or offer the piece, or maybe have it re-sized. The info included is additionally necessary for any returns procedures you could have to go via.

When getting fashion jewelry for a person that you care about make certain that you not only purchase it for them at “expected” times such as on a birthday celebration or wedding anniversary, but also make certain to stun them at other times. This is essential because it shows how much you care about that individual and that they are consistently on your mind.

Gifts of fashion jewelry are so purposeful to the receiver, even if the thing is not to their taste. It’s even far better to do a little bit of research study into locating an item of jewelry that is right for him or her. The ideal item will reveal you listen, and that you care.

The Epiphany of Tiffany and Co.

The Epiphany of Tiffany and also Co

. There typically aren’t lots of brand that rate higher around the world of high-end and also status compared to Tiffany & Co. A study recently carried out by the Deluxe Institute reported that T&C o. is one of the most preferred source for made-to-order, unique, and made-to procedure high-end goods as preferred by the America’s most affluent consumers.

The pedigreed company opened its doors in 1837 as Tiffany & Young on Broadway and Warren in New york city City. Soon after that Tiffany’s “Blue Box,” which to today is just made use of along with a buy from Tiffany, was introduced to the public. The box after that, as it is currently, was symbolic of the guaranteed top quality of the product contained within. When the intent of giving a gift is to create somebody feel extremely unique, this is the quintessential source to make such a purchase.

Tiffany & Co. specializes in made-to-order products as well as for its compilations of china, sterling-silver dinnerware, as well as jewelry. There additionally is a selection of exceptional products for both men and women. The very valued range of accessories for men include such products as watches, rings, cufflinks, money clips, business card instances, as well as fragrances. Choices for females include, but are not restricted to, lockets, pendants, charms, watches, rings, jewelries, as well as fragrances.

Nevertheless, for both men and women, simply specifying out the items offered is just the start. It is the ingrained high quality that accompanies these goods that makes each one distinctly unique. A large assortment of wedding, baby, and unique presents for the house too are readily available.

Frank Gehry, Elsa Peretti, Jean Schlumberger, and also Paloma Picasso are the world-renowned jewelry developers of Tiffany & Co. Mr. Gehry is probably the best living designer in the world with several prominent honors to his credit rating, including the Pritzker Reward and the AIA Gold Medal. He made the Guggenheim Gallery in Bilbao (Spain) as well as the Walt Disney Opera house in Los Angeles.

Ms. Peretti, who has actually been with Tiffany’s given that 1974, is most famous for her Diamonds by the Yard as well as Pearls by the Yard items. These advanced jewelry layouts influenced many excellent jobs from various other contemporary musicians.

Some of the diverse precious jewelry styles of the late Jean Schlumberger’s are located in galleries. A breastpin he created is the particular piece of precious jewelry revealed at the Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years exhibition at the Metropolitan Gallery of Art. The exciting free-form makings of Paloma Picasso initially caught the focus of Tiffany & Co. in 1979. Ms. Picasso began her venture right into the fine art globe as a costumer and also a stylist.

Shops are located in The united state and canada, South The u.s.a, Europe, Australia, and Asia/Pacific. Directories and sales brochures likewise are readily available online. Item by Tiffany & Co. presently are not readily available with the Net. The company highly suggests shoppers to be aware of items supposed to be from T&C o., otherwise acquired directly.

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry – Precious Gifts With An Artist’s Touch

Handcrafted Developer Jewelry– Priceless Grant An Artist’s Touch

Obtaining a gift of great precious jewelry is constantly appreciated, but handmade developer precious jewelry is an unexpected delight.

Handcrafted developer precious jewelry is a gift that progresses past simply being rare-earth elements as well as gems. It is something distinct and also unique that shows the distinct and special place the receiver holds in your heart. There is no gift that has the power to move a female like a rare and also individual artwork that she could wear close to her heart.

Every item of handcrafted designer precious jewelry could genuinely be called artist’s precious jewelry because each item is individually developed and crafted by hand by a talented musician with an individual vision that she or he has given birth to in rare-earth element as well as precious gems.

Musician’s precious jewelry need to pass the same criteria of great jewelry you could locate in any kind of major shopping mall, but progresses beyond them in both quality as well as diversity. When buying a present of precious jewelry, you could give that special person a piece that she could see on an additional female any time, or you can provide her something that has been developed for nobody else however her.

Handcrafted developer jewelry can be refined as well as classy, with South Sea pearls as well as 14 carat gold or contemporary and also edgy, made from unusual metals and established with unusual stones you might not discover anywhere else. Musician’s jewelry’s value is not located in the materials themselves, however in that indefinable something that speaks with the spirit when a musician has actually recorded a mood or a sensation and equated it to an item of gorgeous wearable art.

Skilled craftsmanship incorporates with creative perceptiveness to create unique artist’s precious jewelry that enhances the appeal of the wearer. Each item will certainly show not just the ability of the designer, yet the impressive preference of the wearer. As a gift, handcrafted developer precious jewelry sets apart both the giver and also the receiver as genuinely memorable.

A musician’s precious jewelry can be a lot of points. A delicate tendril of vines twining around the throat, each leave knocked and finished by hand. A strong, hand-polished cabochon stone channel embeddeded in platinum to underscore a remarkable hand. A sleek contour of engraved steel that grips a wrist. Or a detailed, remarkable set of elaborately sculpted earrings established with a stardust scattering of gemstones. The one point handcrafted developer jewelry will certainly never ever be is common.

Great fashion jewelry has the power to relocate via its elegance and also its feeling. There is absolutely nothing fairly like the feel of amazing, gold and silver against the skin. The rich, textural information of musician’s precious jewelry pleasure the touch in addition to the eyes. So provide your enjoyed one a gift as daring and also unforgettable as she is– handcrafted developer jewelry unlike anything she has ever seen or touched– just like you.

Gift Giving Superstitions and Legends

Gift Providing Superstitions as well as Legends

Superstitions: There are a great deal of superstitious notions as well as tales involving the giving as well as obtaining of gifts. For instance it went to once thought about bad luck to provide a pair of scissors or a knife as a gift considering that it was worried that the act would certainly “cut” the friendship in half. Therefore blades were never ever provided as wedding gifts as it was believed they would certainly bring about a damaged marriage.

Additionally never ever give any person a set of shoes as a Christmas present considering that they would make the person you give them to ignore you. When you give someone a present of a budget or purse be sure to place some money into it, also if just a coin, to ward off bad luck. At once bakers would certainly include an additional roll when you purchased a loads as a “gift” in situation any one of the other rolls were also small. This “present” came to be referred to as the baker’s loads.

Urban myth: Legends are told as having actually happened long, long earlier whereas urban legends are set in modern times as well as informed as having actually happened to people recognized either directly to the cashier or to an individual understood by a person the cashier understands. The locations as well as names alter as they are updated to suit present times and all carry a warning or lesson of some sort. There might also be some fact to the tale although individuals and areas have been altered many times that it becomes difficult to identify just what the reality really was.

One such story runs through a king’s deal of a present to a famous golf player (sometimes the golf enthusiast is called various other times he is simply “a famous golf enthusiast”) which after first declining the gift requests for a golf club just to locate to his amazement that the king has actually purchased him an entire golf course.

In a number of various tales, although the people and situations change the tale and its caution are the same. A child (nephew, little girl, niece …) is expecting a very costly gift (vehicle, home, inheritance …) from his dad (uncle, aunt …) however obtains a bible. In a fit of anger he tosses the bible at the provider and leaves not returning till the givers fatality when he notifications the holy bible from as long earlier, opens it and finds the (crucial to the vehicle, check to the automobile supplier, will certainly leaving him everything and so on).

After that there are the one-up-manship tales. 2 or more siblings strive to get the most effective present for their mommy (properties, vehicles, jewels) with one visiting terrific expenditure to obtain a bird (myna, parrot …) that has actually been specially educated (to article the holy bible, sing opera, talk Italian …). The mommy pleasantly thanks all (while allowing them understand their present wasn’t really sensible) then talks happily of the child which had the sense to bring her the delicious chicken.

There is also a real tale of two bros who re-gifted the same set of pants backward and forward wrapped in quite innovative ways, from rolling them right into a 3′ long 1″ wide pipeline to stuffing them right into the glove compartment of a vehicle that they then had crushed and supplied in time for Xmas. The trousers went back as well as forth for 25 years prior to they finally crumbled.

Experiences As Gifts

Experiences As Presents

It is a customized in business to give gifts during bonus occasions. Offering presents is a great method of expressing how much we are happy for the individuals that have contributed in the development of our business. Typical gift receivers include company clients, execs, as well as the whole staff.

Generally, significant customers, specifically the ones that acquired lots of cash for the business, exist actually expensive thank-you gifts. The typical presents to give are such luxury items as watches, top-of-the-line golf collections, expensive wines, or costly pens that resemble even more like fashion jewelry than creating materials. A lot more affordable ones are provided to the firm staff members as well as managers. Nevertheles, time has actually made solutions or experiences as modern presents to these significant individuals. The adhering to are memorable experiences that you could provide when situations where presents are a have to occur:

1. Lessons. A couple of lessons for the outside fan is one thing. This can include crash courses in diving or golf lessons, or in fine arts and crafts. You might pay for the number of hrs as well as the modules that they have to complete.

2. Pampering. You may also advertise wellness. Medspa and also beauty salon certifications are normal presents. Your staff members will truly feel relaxed as well as with the ability of proceeding with the problems that the work may require. They can take pleasure in haircuts, massage therapy, physical body scrub, also manicure and also pedicure.

3. Individual Aide. Any type of energetic person could value this. You might simply ask some agencies which might help you discover for one. A business supervisor might be provided at most pair of assistants. This person may coordinate celebrations and also trips or do looking for him. It could even be the easiest points such as arranging papers.

4. Personal Trainers. Personal instructors can either be internal as well as in the office. But they ought to be multifaceted, in fact, experienced in all facets. She or he is responsible for the basic health of the recipient.

If you merely learn to look your community, you could obtain remarkable pointers for distinct presents. Even if they are company paid, the most considerable point is you’ve expressed many thanks in the greatest way. With any luck, the receiver will feel that they are valued, as well as they, on the other hand, would work harder. In the long run, the benefits would certainly far surpass the costs that the company birthed for today.

Australia: A Few Things To Do On Your Visit

Australia: A Couple of Things To Do On Your See

You will have several selections of things to do when you check out Australia. Here are merely a couple of ways to spend your time in this beautiful place:

It would certainly be a shame to see Australia without hanging out on among the beautiful coastlines. Along the shoreline of Australia there are miles and also miles of incredibly beautiful sandy beaches. Sydney alone has nearly 40 ocean coastlines and also you will certainly have the ability to sunbathe and also appreciate the elegance of the water as well as the sand. If you like the ocean air as well as wish to return residence with a beautiful tan, make certain to plan for time on the coastline.

Take a bushwalk as well as you will look flora, fauna and also all kinds of bird life. Bushwalking is a preferred hobby in Australia as well as the parks are amazing. You will obtain a little workout and also some magnificent pictures too.

If you are an enthusiast of wine, Australia is the location for you. Set up a browse through to a country vineyard as well as sip some of the finest wines around the world.

Shoppers, you are in good luck! Try to find classy leather apparel, woolen items, arts and also crafts and also gifts made from sheepskin. You will have the ability to go house with at least one luggage filled with terrific gifts and also mementos. Pick some distinct presents that you will certainly never ever locate other locations.

One way or another you are bound to get starving. Nevertheless the purchasing, taking in the sights and also wine sampling you will certainly need to consume. Fresh ingredients are highlighted in contemporary Australian food. You will certainly discover all kinds of food selection options that include fish and also periodic vegetables. Every state in the country has specialties and you will certainly discover numerous outstanding choices.

For those that love the water there many tasks. You could snorkel, diving dive, water ski and wind surf.

Browse through Australia for an impressive encounter.

Futons Fit Any Room And Any Wallet

Futons Fit Any Living room As well as Any sort of Purse

Futons have become a progressively popular element of the modern living. Why? They are elegant, exceptionally functional and also flexible furniture pieces that are quite ideal for both metropolitan as well as suburban setups. Futons could be integrated into any kind of decoration as well as the flexible options of futon beds, futon couches, futon chairs as well as futon bunk beds have discovered room in residences around the world. Add a never-ending array of futon covers, from great natural leather to sturdy vinyl as well as linen and also there truly is a choice to enhance any sort of size space as well as any kind of decoration.

Futon beds can as well as have actually replaced lots of bulky beds and also transformed visitor bed rooms right into reclaimed area, along with offer the best solution in small apartments. Just what concerning tube very heavy and large sleeper sofa of the past? Lots of contemporary consumers are choosing futon sofas that are lightweight and also surprisingly comfy sleeping. Beyond the lots of options in futon frame styles and futon covers, futon bed mattress could be perfectly located in all sizes and types, including futon memory foam mattresses!

Futons have advanced as a very efficient item as for ‘room administration’ is concerned. They can be easily surrendered and also cornered in the area so that you obtain that area for other usage. They are as helpful as slim mattresses as well as little cushions.

Modern futons have quite versatile designs and attributes such as flexible frames, and also you could utilize them either as a sofa or a bed. To provide both an eye-catching look as well as toughness, the frames are typically made of various kinds of steel or timber. Contemporary futon cushions are thicker than the previous designs, fulled of wool, polyester or cotton. A number of memory foam futon cushions and futon bed mattress toppers are additionally readily available.

Futons are readily available in the market in various shapes and sizes that suit all sort of spending plans. Futon mattresses, beds as well as futon covers have become necessary commodities in many modern furniture and home catalogs and they make excellent gifts for couples, first apartment or condos, new home purchasers, and so on. There is also variety of top notch designer futons and pricey futon covers readily available in the majority of display rooms and also brochures. Yet take heart, these days discount futons are abundant and to lure clients numerous of the dealers provide complimentary delivery also.

Futons are a comfortable fit for any purse, living room or design!

Design Tips to Update Your Home

Home decorating isn’t as hard as you’d think – all it takes it some research and a good eye for style. If you think your house could do with a makeover, here are a few hints on how to make the process run more smoothly.

The best way to tackle the project is to break it down into manageable pieces. If the whole house needs a makeover, choose a general theme and then tackle it room by room. The theme should fit the style of house you have. If it is a city apartment, a modern designer theme could be ideal. If it is a beach cottage, a nautical theme may be more appropriate. Once you’ve chosen the theme, choose one room to start on. If you try to tackle the whole project at once, not only will you spend a lot of money, you may find that you run out of steam and don’t complete the makeover as a result.

After that, it is time to do some research. Go online and look at examples of the theme you’ve chosen. Browsing through homeware shops will also help to give you ideas.

Starting by choosing the colours for the walls and floors is the most failsafe option. If you choose light colours, such as cream or white, it will be easy to put your theme into action. Also, as styles change and you seek to update the look, it will be easier to work with a blank canvas. A feature wall is where one wall is painted a different, often bolder, colour than the rest of the room. It can be very striking and help centre on the focus of the room. For example, if you have a fireplace in your lounge, you could paint the wall that the fireplace resides a deeper, contrasting colour. This will bring the eye to the fireplace and add some flair to the room as well.

The next step is to choose the furniture and accessories. This should only be done after you’ve settled on your wall and floor colours, and preferably after the room has been painted. You can save money by incorporating existing furniture, such as couches and side tables, into the new design. If you love your couch, but the colour doesn’t quite fit your new style, why not have your couch re-upholstered? It will add new life to the couch, be the exact colour you want for your theme and look like new for half the price.

Accessories are also very important in any design. Throw pillows, rugs, candles, decorative bowls and lamp shades come in a myriad of design possibilities to fit almost any theme. New style chic, modern designer, nautical and even contemporary tribal homeware can be easily found in most homeware stores. Accessories add a final touch to your new theme and will help to add a lot of flair to the room.

Source by Paul Mcindoe