Dealing with unwanted paper artwork by shredding it!

What to do with your art if you no longer wish to keep it, or just have too much of it and want to dispose of it?  What if someone wishes to claim your artwork as their copyright but you’d rather they didn’t have it?

One solution is to give it away.  Perhaps a relative or a friend.  Or take it to a charity shop in order for the art to be sold for a good cause.

If that’s not likely to work for you, and you wish to permanently remove all traces of the work including the paper, you may wish to buy a personal shredder you can use to shred the paper yourself.  In literally just a few minutes, you’ve gone from art to shredded paper which can be used for :

  • pet bedding
  • packaging
  • stuffing for craft projects
  • kindling / firelighters
  • new art materials

It may seem a little extreme to do this but if you really want to destroy your paperwork, the best thing to do is shred it!  Ideally with a heavy duty cross cut shredder, which will be much less likely to jam, especially with canvas.